Faculty of Science

 Dr. Kamal Hussain Khan
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Email: dean_sciences@wuajk.edu.pk

Over the last one year I have had the apportunity to immerse myself in the university and promote our mission. I am struck by the passion that our faculty and students have for learning, discovery and problem solving, the dedication of our hard working staff in keeping the faculty of the university running efficiently.
My transition has not been the only one in past one year as Dean, we have recruited, hired and also shifted one of the best faculty and staff into pivotal roles that will help the university succeed in achieving its strategic objectives.
We have the great foundation on which to build future success in the faculty of sciences and technology. As a founder Dean Sciences of nascent university I will continue to reach out to our university and faculty community as we build and shape the future of our university.
Please join me in transforming the faculty of sciences to achieve its full potencial as a vibrant and diverse scientific and educational community that is locally and internationally renowned for excellence and for improving the world through its discoveries and solutions to life most pressing challenges.
By joining us at Women university we ask you to share in the standards we set for ourselves, but more fundamentally we ask you to think of your education as something that will help you make an impact in your life and career behind university.
We can teach you a variety of subjects and make them highly relevant to the world you live in today, but we can also help you to think about routes into employment or future training.
We care deeply about your learning and seek to innovate to ensure that the way we teach has the strongest impact. We are also responsive to changing students need.
University campus within easy reach of Bagh city-is characterized by an impressive array of extra-curricular talks, events and our university is a stimulating place for a rich cultural and social life for female students.
We are committed to the values of inclusiveness, apportunity, equality and diversity.

Join us and help us make a difference.



S.No Name Chairperson/Coordinator Telephone Education Email
01 Mathematics Sharafat Hussain      
02 Bio-technology Dr. Tahira Batool   PhD  
03 Botany Dr. Syeda Sadiqa Firdous   PhD sadiqafirdous@wuajk.edu.pk
04 Chemistry Dr. Usman Hameed   PhD  
05 Computer Sciences/IT Dr. Gohar Rehman Chughtai  +5823-960036 PhD  
06 Physics Dr. Muhammad Shahid    PhD,GC, Lahore  
07 Zoology Dr. Shehbaz    PhD