Department of Planning & Development

Women University of AJ&K, Bagh functioning since May 2014, and Department of Planning & Development has been one of the first departments in the university to look at Planning, for each activity in the university and entrusted with the responsibility of co-ordination with all academic and administrative departments for their developmental requirements, assigning priority to the tasks and keeping liaison with other organizations within and outside the country, for developing and strengthening of existing academic and research programs, tapping funding opportunities in respect thereof and other tasks assigned by the competent authority from time to time. The Planning & Development Department is headed by Mr. Muhammad Sardar Khan who has 35 years’ experience of planning and development in the government of AJ&K and he directly reports to the Vice- Chancellor WUAJ&K.


The roles and responsibilities of P&D department are given below:-

  • Assessing the present and future needs of the university including the physical, capital and human resource needs of the university.
  • Preparation of the development plans, projects, schemes and proposals.          
  • Preparation of projects for academic and infrastructure development for expansion of   the university.
  • Seeking and securing funds for the projects from appropriate fora.
  • Formulation of annual work plans and cash plans, as per requirement of the university and concerned bodies.
  • Implementation of development projects and programs.
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the management and other related organizations.
  • Maintaining liaison and co-ordination with the Government of AJ&K/Pakistan and HEC with a view to gear up approvals for execution of the tasks and projects.
  • Developing & strengthening linkages with other universities & organizations.
  • The formation/compilation of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP)
  • Appraisal of proposals and development schemes.
  • The monitoring of the on-going projects and cross-checking of monitoring data on individual projects.          
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Achievements of P&D Department

Planning and development Department has worked on the following areas:

I) A Development Project (PC-1) entitled “Establishment of Women University of AJK in Bagh AJ&K” to the cost of Rs. 819.816 Million has been approved from the forum of Central Development Working Party (CDWP), Planning Commission GoP through HEC.

II) Admin approval issued.

III) Following activities has been approved under Project:

• Infrastructure Building (Academic Block, Central Library, Multipurpose Hall, Students Hostel, Cafeteria, Tuck Shops and Parking).

• Establishment of 05 Laboratories (Equipments, Glassware/Chemicals).

• Establishment of Central Library (Books and Generals).

• Procurement of Furniture/Fixture for Offices, Class Rooms, Multipurpose Hall, Central Library, Hostel.

• Procurement of Transport (04 Buses, 02 Vans, 01 Ambulance)

• Provision of 21 PhD Scholarships.

• Establishment of ICT Centre.

IV) Prime Minister National Laptop Scheme dealth and organized by P&D and distributed 98 Laptops among the selected Students in Phase-II. 

V) Registration of PMNLS (Phase-III) has been completed by P&DD.

VI) National Internship Program, GoP has been coordinated by P&DD and 40 Interns placed in WUAJ&K under this Scheme.

VII) Cafeteria for WUAJ&K established and made functional.

VIII) Hiring of Buildings for Faculty, Admin requirement and Residential requirement cattered by the P&DD.

IX) All activities of the project (PC-1) including Consultancy, Recruitment Project Staff and Procurement of Lab Equipments, Furniture/Fixture, Library Books is in process and will be made available during the current calendar year.

X) Infrastructure will be initiated and launched in the coming Financial Year. 

XI) Academic Feasibility Study has been conducted and Consultants will provide Financial Report in the Current Year.

XII) This study has been conducted under a development project (PC-II) entitled “Feasibility Studies for the Establishment of Women University in AJ&K.

Planning and Development Team
S.No Name Designation Department Contact
1 Sahibzada Muhammad Zahid  Director P&D Planning and Development 05823-960032  
2 Basharat Hussain Deputy Direcrtor P&D Planning and Development 05823-960032
3 Asad Ullah Ghalib Assistant Direcrtor P&D Planning and Development 05823-960032