Controller of Examination's Message

Dr. Tahira Batool
It is a general perception that Office of Controller Examinations (OCE) just does the mundane job. It is a false notion. I believe that, Office of the Controller of Examination can play a vital role in the academia if its resources are used strategically and for the facilitation for the students. Any University which dreams of becoming flagship in educational arena must have an eye on the console to analyze staggering parameters indicating level of quality education being imparted, teaching pedagogy vis-à-vis its impact on the students’ attitude - through results.
Now examination team has embarked on reshaping its services. We are heading towards emerging as swift service provider. And to achieve it we have to energize and exert more collectively by pledging ourselves to the highest level of commitment facilitating all stakeholders with our services and values. In this regard, I am pleased to share with all my colleagues that examination department has compiled a Office of the Controller Examination Rules & Regulations which contains all the necessary information, SOPs and flow charts needed to have better insight about the examination department and its various functions. Though this Office of the Controller Examination Rules & Regulations contains rich material yet I believe that with your feedback and suggestions it can become useful and resourceful asset for Office of the Controller of Examination, faculty and Women University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir in general.