Vice Chancellor Office

Vice Chancellor’s office is nucleus of all the key organs and components of an institution to establish an open, dynamic and congenial learning, research and working environment. Effective planning and management strategies are established under vision and mission of the university to create reputation and intellectual wealth of the nation is attracted to serve and uplift the institution’s ranks. It is the fundamental responsibility of this office to enhance quality education by inducting highly qualified and experienced teaching faculty to achieve the objective of community development on priority basis.  This office bridges relationship and coordinates with other educational and industrial partners, launches innovative policies, and executes them with exceptional and untiring intent and endeavors. Under a visionary leadership, this office regulates teaching faculties, financial activities, exam matters, quality enhancement, relevant administrative issues and matters related to advanced studies and research through continuous meetings with the heads of every department. It empowers every key section and sub-section through timely facilitation and guidance. Emerging challenges are settled and new avenues and horizons of progress and development are opened for the students and academic staff. Keeping in view the global demands, goals and objectives are set-up and with full devotion and commitment, required resources are arranged to meet the demand of these fixed goals and objectives. This office seeds the intellectual and scientific nursery, waters it, and grows and transforms it into a golden crop to nourish the biological and spiritual existence of society and nation. 

Vice Chancellor Office
S.No Name Designation Department Contact  Email
1 Ghayour Abbas PSO to VC VC Office  05-823-960033 psvc@wuajk.edu.pk
2 M. Imran Bashir PRO to VC VC Office  05-823-960035 pro@wuajk.edu.pk