WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh


On 1st January 2016, the department of Management Sciences was established, in Women University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir with a vision to persuade the female students towards business education. Soon after the inception, the department offered Master’s in Business Administration (MBA-3.5 Years Program) full time with specializing in Management, Marketing, Finance and Human Resource Management. The department is also engaged in educating the non-management degree programs to understand the basic concepts of management.
The core focus of department is to impart quality education alongwith character building. We believe in providing students with right knowledge and skills and enable our women to compete in today’s business environment. The university has also introduced BBA (hons) program in its Fall semester 2016, with a view to enable our women to contribute to the business organizations across the globe.
At present, we have one Professor (PhD), 3 lecturers having M.Phil. degrees in relevant fields. WUAJ&K has also planned to hire more Ph.Ds and M.Phil. Scholars in near future. This will add to the sustainability and growth of department.
Our vision is to produce socially responsible entrepreneurs and leaders in the business world.
To outshine in academics and research in specific keeping business ethics in mind. To empower the female intellect with leadership and decision making capabilities.

Faculty of Management Sciences

Maria Babar ( Junior Lecturer )
Investment analysis and banking

Qamar Ahmed ( Lecturer )
email id qamar@wuajk.edu.pk Password: Abcde12345@@ Contact no 03445554809 Area of Interset. Strategic Management , Human Resource Management, organizational behaviours

Komal Tariq ( Lecturer )

Asma Akbar ( Lecturer )
Compensation Management

Amna Khalil ( Research associate )
Personality traits, burn out, emotional labour

Nagina Liaqat ( Lecturer )
Talent Retention

Enrolled students

  • MBA : 14


Scope of MBA (3.5 Year) program
The scope of the degree is very wide as we prepare our students for senior management roles in business. We cater the need of all sectors which requires management like telecom, banking, food and beverages, textiles, construction, consulting and so on.
This program is of its first kind to be introduced in region which automatically provides the edge to students. The market is not very saturated. The program is very popular among employers because they understand the worth of human resource in market. The region has a lot of opportunity for females, as large gap of females in work place can be seen. The organizations are looking forward for talented, dynamic, self-starter and well trained employees who can match the today’s market need.
The market can get benefit from newly acquired expertise, the enthusiasm and unique ideas the young lot will carry.
Our female graduates will bring expertise and leadership with entrepreneur ideas, which will help them, lead and rise in social and economic condition of the country.

MBA cycle
The total duration of MBA is 3.5 years with the total credit hours of .The students have to complete core courses before going for  major’s specialization courses.
The students have to submit a project in last semester, as it is a good reflection of concept learnt and applied.
Internship Report
It’s compulsory for students to submit an internship report before the completion of the degree.  

Admission criteria:

  • A minimum of 14 years of education (bachelor's degree) in any discipline e.g. BA, B.Sc. B. Com, with 45% aggregate marks.
  • Admission Test
  • Interview
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Business Maths and Statistics - I STA-5104 3
Financial Accounting ACT-5105 3
Business  Economics ECO-5103 3
Principles of Management MGT-5101 3
Principles of Marketing MKT-5102 3
Total credit hours   15
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Financial Management ACC-5201 3
Marketing Management MKT-5202 3
Human Resource Management MGT-5203 3
Business Math & Statistics- II STA-5204 3
Business Communication MGT-5205 3
Total Credit Hour   15
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Financial Management FIN-6301 3
Organization Theory and Behaviour MGT-6302 3
IT for Business ITM-6303 3
Project Management MGT-6304 3
Managerial Economics ECO -6305 3
Total Credit Hours   15
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Total Quality Management MGT-6401 3
MIS And E-Commerce ITM-6402 3
Operations Management MGT-6403 3
International Business MGT-6404 3
 Cost Accounting ACC-6405 3
Total Credit Hours   15
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Legal and Regulatory Environment of Business MGT-7501 3
Entrepreneurship and Innovation MGT-7502 3
Business Research Methods MGT-7503 3
Operations management MGT-7504 3
Elective - I   3
Elective - II   3
Total Credit Hours   15
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Strategic Finance FIN-7601  3
Strategic Marketing MKT-7602 3
Elective - III   3
Elective - IV   3
Total credit hour   12
Course Course Code Credit Hours
Project PRJ-8701 6
Strategic Management MGT-8702 3
Total credit hours   9
Finance Cr. Code Human Resource Management Cr. Code Marketing Cr. Code
Finance Theory FIN-7505 Recruitment and Selection MGT-7511 Sales and selling MRT-7516
Financial Markets and Institutions FIN-7506 Performance and Compensation  Management MGT-7512 Consumer Behaviour MRT-7517
Corporate Finance FIN-7607 Negotiation And Conflict Management MGT-7635 Advertising and Promotion MRT -7618
Financial Risk Management FIN-7608 Training and Development MGT -7614 Internet Marketing MRT-7619
Money and Banking FIN-7609 Leadership    
Securities Analysis and Portfolio Management FIN-7604 Employee Relations    


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