Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy

Name of Head of Department: Dr. Tahira Batool
Designation: Assistant Professor
E-mail Address (s): batool_hej@yahoo.com, tahirabatool@wuajk.edu.pk

Details of Coordinator

With a Master in Biochemistry/ Molecular Biology from Pakistan, Dr. Tahira joined University Malaysia Pahang in 2013 and completed her PhD in Biotechnology in 2017 at the Faculty of Industrial Science and Technology. During her PhD, she managed to publish in good journals of her research area. Besides academic achievements, Dr. Tahira had been actively involved in curriculum activities. She has been president of postgraduate club (POSTAC) for 3 years (2014-17), and subsequently, a member of international students’ society.

Currently she is a working as assistant professor in the Department of Biotechnology, Women University of AJ&K, Bagh. Her Research focuses on bioprocess fermentation, biochemistry, microbiology and enzyme inhibition studies. She is also working as Controller Examinations and striving hard to strengthen the research culture in all disciplines of the university.

Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy


Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy is committed to contribute towards community by preparing health professionals who believe in interpersonal and intra-professional collaboration, critical analysis and are committed to lifelong learning to improve health and wellness of humanity through research and advancement in the scientific inquiry.


The Faculty of Medicine, Dentistry and Pharmacy housing the Department of Allied Health Sciences has been established for BS students who are interested in the key areas of Bio Medical Sciences. The faculty is set to develop the modular format to allow a greater range of options within the program to meet the requirements of medically trained personnel who wish to pursue a teaching and research career in the medical and allied health sciences. The Faculty of Health Sciences currently focuses on following areas of training:

  1. BS Emergency Medical Technology
  2. BS Clinical Laboratory Sciences
  3. BS Diagnostic Radiology & Imaging Technology
  4. BS Surgical and Operation Theater Sciences
  5. BS Dental Technology

These programs provide a sound understanding of human health,diseases and diagnostic approaches at the molecular level.

For clinical training of students, Faculty of Health and Biological Sciences is attached with District Head Quarter Hospital Bagh which has all the essential clinical departments. All clinical departments are furnished with modern equipment to provide high quality medical clinical training facilities.

Thus, the students are trained as field specialists, researchers and resource persons, well equipped with the methodologies of modern trends of teaching and research in the basic medical sciences. With trained and qualified faculty members, our Department is actively engaged in teaching as well as research productivity that is in-line with the local and international level in the fields of Pathology, Biochemistry and Medical Labs Sciences.