Department of education is one of the major department of the Women University AJK Bagh. Presently around 111 students are enrolled in the Education department. Admission in MA and M.Phil programs are continued from Dec. 14. The major focus of department is to train the students in their respective research areas. Department designed curriculum and established instructional laboratories to provide opportunities to its students and faculty of experimental and experiential learning. This encouraged and enhanced conceptual learning and application.
In addition to offering degree programs, the Department of Education adopts multi pronged strategies like faculty development through holding workshops, seminars, short and advanced courses. For harmonious and all round growth and development of students’ personalities and character building, sports and other co-curricular activities such as debates, speeches, dramas, art exhibitions and other healthy activities are organized regularly.

Faculty of Education

Dr Muhammad Mushtaq ( Assistant Professor )
Curriculum Development, E-Learning, Teacher Education, Research in Education

Dr Muhammad Asghar Ali ( Assistant Professor )
Educational Management,

Samina Rafique ( Lecturer )
Measurement and Evaluation of Educational Programs

Dr. Saadia Khan ( Lecturer )
Teacher Education Educational Psychology

Tahzeeb Mahreen ( Lecturer ) tahzeeb-mahreen-355316289
Educational Leadership and Management, Education for Sustainable Development, Interventions in Higher Education, Women Leadership

Enrolled students

  • BS Education: 15
  • MSc Education:66
  • MPhil Education: 25


1st Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-101 Functional English (3+0)
RS-101 Islamic Studies 3+0)
ED-U101 Urdu 3+0)
EDU-141 Child Development 3+0)
EDU-102 General Science 3+0)
EDU-131 Methods of Teaching  
Total (18+0)

2nd Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-134 Communication Skills (3+0)
CS-101 Introduction to Computing 3+0)
EDU-171 Classroom Management 3+0)
EDU-103 General Mathematics 3+0)
PS-116 Pakistan Studies 3+0)
EDU-132 Teaching of Islamic studies 3+0)
Total (18+0)

3rd Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-201 Teaching Literacy Skills (3+0)
EDU-202 Art, Crafts and Calligraphy 3+0)
EDU-231 Teaching of Urdu 3+0)
EDU-232 Teaching of General Science 3+0)
EDU-281 Instructional and Communication Technology in Education 3+0)
EDU-235 Teaching Practice – I 3+0)
Total (18+0)

4th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-241 Classroom Assessment (3+0)
SW-101 Introduction to Sociology (3+0)
EDU-233 Teaching of General Mathematics 3+0)
EDU-272 School, community and Teacher 3+0)
EDU-234 Teaching of Social Studies 3+0)
EDU-236 Teaching Practice – II 3+0)
Total (18+0)

5th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
ENG-334 Technical and Business Writing (3+0)
EDU-361 Foundations of Education 3+0)
EDU-3** Elective 3+0)
EDU-3** Elective 3+0)
EDU-351 Curriculum Development 3+0)
EDU-341 Educational Psychology 3+0)


6th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-381 Contemporary Issues and Trends in Education (3+0)
EDU-3** Elective 3+0)
EDU-3** Elective 3+0)
EDU-382 Comparative Education 3+0)
EDU-342 Guidance and Counseling 3+0)
Total (15+0)

7th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-4** Elective (3+0)
EDU-4** Elective (3+0)
EDU-4** Pedagogy – A (3+0)
EDU-4** Pedagogy – B (3+0)
EDU-491 Research Methods in Education (3+0)
EDU-437 Teaching Practice – III (3+0)
Total (18+0)

8th Semester

Course Code Course Title Credit Hours
EDU-471 School Management (3+0)
EDU-441 Techniques of Students Appraisal (3+0)
EDU-438 Teaching Practice – IV (6+0)
EDU-499 Research Project (3+0)
Total (15+0)

Note: After completing 2 years, the universities / institutions may award an Associate Degree in Education (ADE). However, the students admitted for B.Ed. (Hons) 4 Years Degree Program


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