Chairman HEC Message

Prof. Dr. Tariq Banuri

I am delighted to see the establishment of Women University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh (WUAJKB) a very big achievement for the people of state of AJ&K. Being the first ever Women University of AJ&K, it holds a huge significance as well as a responsibility of educating the women across AJ&K and Pakistan.
I am enthralled by the overwhelming progress of this organization in a short span of time, for which I extend profound felicitations to the Vice Chancellor who has contributed immensely in the formation and establishment of this organization. Predominantly, the students of Azad Jammu and Kashmir carry huge potentials and have been leading in many fields therefore, HEC is looking forward to invest in the remote areas for higher education. It will enable the students across AJ&K and Pakistan to attain equal opportunities to excel and development and be a successful future of our generation. The female constitute a big chunk of our population and are very important part of the society therefore, such universities would not only empower them but also the whole society.
I am anticipating that Women University of AJ&K, Bagh will progress under the supervision of HEC in the best interest of the women of AJ&K and Pakistan. We are not changing previous policies of HEC, but are going to review problems and find solutions to tackle them. We are looking forward to follow the policy outlined by the Steering Committee on Higher Education, which has led to the inception of the HEC. I would encourage WUAJ&KB to participate in different workshops, seminars, courses for training of the faculty members for efficient and effective role in higher studies.