WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

10th Meeting of Senate Held on 22 October, 2018

Seminar entitled "Afkaar-i-Iqbal" was organized on November 13, 2017.

One Day Workshop on “Implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) Mechanism" November 24, 2016

Progress Review Meeting of QEC WUAJK with HEC(30-31 aug, 2016)

Vice Chancellor With Faculty Members

Visit of Honourable HEC Chairman

MOU signing between Women univeristy and SSBU Peshawar

MOU signing between Women univeristy and fatima jinnah university

About Us

Women University AJ&K Bagh has been established in 2014 by an Act (vii) of 2014 to provide the opportunities of qualitative higher education and to promote research activities in the region. The university shall be a body corporate by the name of Women University of AJ&K Bagh. It shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue and be sued by the said name. The University shall be competent to acquire and hold property, both movable, and to lease, sell or otherwise transfer any movable and immovable property which may have become vested in or been acquired by it.

Muhammad Masood Khan

The establishment of the Women University was the dream of the people of the Azad Kashmir. The dream came true in 2014. Since then, in a short span of time, Women University has made good progress in achieving many goals. The University has two faculties that offer education in different degree programs, including under graduate and graduate programs.

It is my pleasure to see that in just four years The Women University of AJ&K Bagh (WUAJ&KB) has attained the status of medium sized university with 3300 students pursuing higher education in various disciplines.

I, as Chancellor urge the students to work diligently in their disciplines as they have to compete in the national, regional and global markets where only the most competent will find productive employment. The faculty should also keep itself abreast with the contemporary knowledge and develop proficiency in pedagogy to impart knowledge and skills to students.

The WUAJKB has come a long way since its establishment but there are many challenges that it should be ready to meet. The promotion of quality education is one of them. A systematic and conscious effort should be made to develop an interface between the university curricula and market so that the University students are seamlessly absorbed in the market when they graduate.

I compliment Prof. Dr. Muhammad Haleem Khan, an eminent educationist now The Vice Chancellor of WUAJKB and his team on their commitment. I extend a warm welcome to the fresh students and wish them a pleasant and rewarding stay at WUAJKB.

Prof. Dr. Haleem Khan

Women University of AJK, Bagh being an emerging educational institution is looking forward to achieve excellence in imparting quality education and promoting research culture in diverse programs. Around the world, universities are considered as a catalyst for change. We are looking forward to the desired change which we need to prosper as a nation, but one individual cannot bring a change. An individual can only provide quality leadership which is needed to take people along for achieving desired goals. I request my students, faculty and other staff to help me in bringing change in the life of our nation through achieving academic excellence and adhering to our values, customs, and traditions.

It is fortunate that on the soil of the paradise on earth (Kashmir) a holistic and comprehensive University is established for those, under whose feet lies the paradise. The proverb; “give me a good mother and I shall give you a good nation” demanded it and we are pleased to initiate that glorious institution at Bagh, the very name of which is fragrant and attractive.

We are a team of motivated academicians, aiming at working selflessly to make the dream of a high-ranking University at national level comes true. We aspire and believe that this esteemed institution will spread light of knowledge and up-to date skills, and research not only throughout Azad Kashmir but throughout Pakistan and across the borders. We have a series of achievements to our credit, namely opening of 14 departments of sciences and social sciences, establishing 35 administrative units for the facilitation of teaching departments, hiring 114 permanent faculty members, expanding the library with more than 10,000 books, research publications, periodicals etc., enrollment of approximately 3200 students during early four years, graduating 63 M.Phil Scholars and 234 Master students, expanding 5.75 Million for students scholarships, getting Rs. 150 Million for students as their fee reimbursement, providing laptops to 600 students and providing jobs to 250 employees.

May Allah give us enough courage and strength to embrace the lofty aims of learning and bring confidence in brilliant citizens and leaders not only keeping pace with the world but ahead of the world; and women we believe would do make the expectations true, because their thirst, toil for knowledge and sense of responsibility in different walks of life is as evident as the fragrance of flowers and light of the sun. May Allah be always with us.

To provide an environment which enables students to develop their academic,normal,physical,professional and spiritual potential.It aims to promote the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research. The cultural,political,social and economic concerns are the priorities of the university.
University is an institution to provide an environment which enables students to develop their academic, moral physical, professional and spiritual potential. It aims to promote the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research. The cultural, political, social and economic needs are the priority of the university.


  • Workshop on Indian Brutality in IOK
    Keeping in view the current phase of Indian brutality against people of IOK Directorate of Student Affairs Women University AJK, Bagh with the collaboration of Institute of Dialogue, Development and D
  • وویمن یونی ورسٹی باغ کا دوسرا کانووکیشن
    وویمن یونی ورسٹی باغ کا دوسرا کانووکیشن ،387طالبات میں ڈگریاں و اسناد تقسیم،21کو گولڈ میڈلز عطا کر دیے گئے،کاون
  • سینٹ کا دسویں اجلاس
    صدر آزاد جموں وکشمیرسردار مسعود خان نے خواتین یونیورسٹی باغ کی کارکردگی کو سراہتے ہوئے کہا کہ کشمیر کے آزاد او