WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

Faculty of Social Science

Prof. Dr. M Saleem Khan
Contact #:+5823-960053

It has about 700 enrolled students and over a 28 teaching faculty members, around half of whom hold Ph.D& M.Phil degrees. The University is also continuously striving to increase the number and qualifications of the Arts & Social Science teaching faculty members so as to maintain internationally accepted quality standards in teaching and research.
In line with the growing emphasis on University-Community linkages, the Arts & Social Sciences Faculty is raising awareness on community service by teachers and students based on multi-dimensional activities involving classroom learning, seminars, advocacy campaigns and field events.
I am confident in stating that the Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences promises a rich, exciting and challenging learning experience as well as a promising career path to students who wish to pursue academics in any of the offered disciplines and degree programs. I invite you to explore the possibilities of enjoying this truly unique and rewarding academic experience!



S.No Name Chairperson Telephone Telephone Email
01 Management Sciences Mr. Qamar   - qamar@wuajk.edu.pk
02 Education Dr. M Mushtaq   - dr.muhammad.mushtaq@wuajk.edu.pk
03 Economics Dr. Badshah Nawab   +5823-960046 badshahnawab@gmail.com
04 English Nasira Abbasi   +5823-960045  
05 Health & Physical Education Sardar Aurangzeb Chughtai   - -
05 Internationl Relations(IR) Dr. Unsa Jamshed   -  

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