The Department of English is one of the most prominent departments of University. It has engaged in its academic mission with full zeal and fervor since its inception. Despite sanctity of resources we have been able to initiate BS, MA, M-Phil Programs. Presently we are catering largest number of the students among all the departments. With highly qualified and diversely learned faculty, and enormous strength of students in pursuit of higher studies, the Department of English has emerged as the most outstanding department. Yet this is not the end of our Journey. We are in ferment to carry on our onward march and create ever-continuing changes. We believe we will make tangible contribution to academic, intellectual and social development of the nation, and advancement of civilization.

Faculty of English

Dr. Arshad Mehmood ( Coordinator )

kokub khurshid ( lecturer )
phonetics and phonology

( lecturer )


Rabeah Saeed Kiani ( Lecturer )
Phonetics and Phonology, Corpus Linguistics, Syntax, Language Policy, Applied Linguistics

Nasira Fazil ( Lecturer )
Empty Categories in Pahari

Enrolled students

  • BS English: 68
  • MSc English:119
  • MPhil English: 41


Code Course Title Credit Hrs

Semester 1

ENG-5101 Academic Discourse 3
ENG-5102 Phonetics and Phonology of English 3
ENG-5103 Introduction to Language & Linguistics 3
ENG-5104 History of English Literature 3
ENG-5105 Drama-I 3

Semester 2

ENG-5201 Semantic and Pragmatics 3
ENG-5202 Poetry-I 3
ENG-5203 TESOL 3
ENG-5204 Literary Criticism 3
ENG-5205 Novel-I 3

Semester 3

ENG-6101 Stylistics 3
ENG-6102 Poetry-II 3
ENG-6103 Second Language Acquisition 3
ENG-6104 Prose 3
ENG-6105 Research Methodology 3

Semester 4

ENG-6201 Morphology and syntax 3
ENG-6202 Drama-II 3
ENG-6203 Novel-II 3
ENG-6204 Internship S/U
ENG-6205 Comprehensive Oral S/U
ENG-6206 Thesis (optional) 6


ENG-6407 Psycholinguistics 3
ENG-6408 Sociolinguistics 3
ENG-6409 Creative Writing and Presentation Skills 3
ENG-6410 Post-Colonial Literature 3
ENG-6411 American Literature 3
ENG-6412 Pakistani English Literature 3

Students will be required to opt two elective courses instead of thesis from this list.

Course Code Title of the Course Credit Hours
ENG-7101 Morphological Theories 03
ENG-7102 Syntax-1 03
ENG-7103 Applied Linguistics 03
ENG-7104 Anthropological Linguistics 03
ENG-7105 Phonetics and Phonology 03
ENG-7106 Research Methodology Advanced 03
ENG-7107 Pragmatics 03
ENG-7108  Semantics 03
ENG-7109 English for Specific Purposes (ESP) 03
ENG-7110 Theories of Language Description 03
ENG-7111 Managing and Writing Thesis 03
ENG-7112 Second Language Acquisition (SLA) 03
ENG-7113 Bilingualism 03
ENG-7114 Translation Studies 03
ENG-7115 Critical Discourse Analysis 03
ENG-7116  Stylistics 03
ENG-7117 Language & Gender 03
ENG-7118 Thesis M. Phil 06


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