Saeed Khalil ( Lecturer )

Department of Botany

Algal Biodiversity, Algal Bioremediation, Conservations & Management of wetlands.

M.Phil Botany

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Twodays training workshop on “Digitalizationof Herbaria for Biodiversity research and data mobilization” organized bydepartment of botany, Hazara university, mansehra, Pakistan.

Workshop on “Disaster RiskManagement” by NIDM, NDMA and UNDP.

3 days “Training Workshop on Honey Bee Forming” at UAJK, organized byHuman Appeal-Pakistan.

Seminar on scientific and Technological information Services awareness atPMAS-AAUR.

Training workshop on Soil & Water Management Techniques forSemi-arid Regions at PMAS-AAUR.

Training workshop on Kitchen gardening byDepartment of Botany, Women universityof Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh.