Dr Sami Ullah Khan ( Assistant Professor/Director AS&RB )

Department of Botany

Plant Microbial Interaction, Microbial Biotechnology

PhD. Quaid I Azam University Islamabad
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Hehas participated as Co-PI SRGP research grant from Higher Education Commission,Pakistan entitled “Exploring indigenouswaste biomasses for the removal of selected heavy metals and dye groups.(Co-PI) (PKR 0.5 million).

2.      Evaluation of bacterial quorum sensingsignal molecules for inducing resistance in wheat against biotic and abioticstress (PKR 0.5 million).  This project resulted in completion of MPhiltheses of two of his students and also producing 2 Impact Factor Publicationsas an outcome. Completed

3.      4.      Anotherresearch project entitled, “Morphogeneticelaboration of selected species of Berberidiaceae and Lamiaceae collected fromAzad Jammu and Kashmir(Co-PI)” is submitted in 2017 to Higher EducationCommission Pakistan under SRGP for Universities scheme and having a total budget of PKR 0.5 million. Completed 

The faculty memberhas been continuously participating in scientific conferences and seminars. Hehas participated in more than 05 national as well as international conferences,seminars and workshops on dynamic aspects of botanical sciences during thisprobationary period. He is an excellent presenter and has presented his work invarious national and international conferences in the form of Abstracts, Oralpresentations and Poster presentations. He is a permanent member ofProfessional Scientific Bodies including the InternationalSociety for Plant Microbial Interaction. He is among the consistentparticipants of the periodic Society events including the annual internationalConferences.