WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

Chancellor's Message

The establishment of a Women University in AJ&K is a tremendous leap towards a stupendous goal of facilitating, with knowledge, skill and research the daughter of today and mother of tomorrow. 
It is, really, a mother’s lap that effects life through and through; and a learned mother is hundred times better to perform this vital role. 
The working pace of AJ&K universities despite hurdles and abstractions has been worth appreciation and we hope Women University at Bagh will show more positivity and excellence, and transparency of all activity at its premises. 
I hope the VC of the university following HEC will give it a strong foothold and two dimensions in the very beginning to cope with the world standards at present as well in the future. We, the Kashmiri’s are proud to be leader in the rate of learning throughout Pakistan and wish to progress leaps and bounds henceforth, to lead the world anytime.
May Allah be with us in setting our beacon to illuminate our homeland as well as the world around us.