WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

Department of Planning & Development

Women University of AJ&K, Bagh functioning since May 2014, and Department of Planning & Development has been one of the first departments in the university to look at Planning, for each activity in the university and entrusted with the responsibility of co-ordination with all academic and administrative departments for their developmental requirements, assigning priority to the tasks and keeping liaison with other organizations within and outside the country, for developing and strengthening of existing academic and research programs, tapping funding opportunities in respect thereof and other tasks assigned by the competent authority from time to time. The Planning & Development Department is headed by Mr. Muhammad Sardar Khan who has 35 years’ experience of planning and development in the government of AJ&K and he directly reports to the Vice- Chancellor WUAJ&K.


The roles and responsibilities of P&D department are given below:-

  • Assessing the present and future needs of the university including the physical, capital and human resource needs of the university.
  • Preparation of the development plans, projects, schemes and proposals.          
  • Preparation of projects for academic and infrastructure development for expansion of   the university.
  • Seeking and securing funds for the projects from appropriate fora.
  • Formulation of annual work plans and cash plans, as per requirement of the university and concerned bodies.
  • Implementation of development projects and programs.
  • Preparation and submission of reports to the management and other related organizations.
  • Maintaining liaison and co-ordination with the Government of AJ&K/Pakistan and HEC with a view to gear up approvals for execution of the tasks and projects.
  • Developing & strengthening linkages with other universities & organizations.
  • The formation/compilation of Public Sector Development Program (PSDP)
  • Appraisal of proposals and development schemes.
  • The monitoring of the on-going projects and cross-checking of monitoring data on individual projects.          
  • Any other tasks assigned by the Vice-Chancellor.

Achievements of P&D Department

Planning and development Department has worked on the following areas:

    • Establishment of Women University of AJK, Bagh (PC-I)
      • Prepared and submitted the PC-1 to HEC.
      • Project  included in the Federal PSDP (HEC) 2015-16 entitled “Establishment of Women University AJK, Bagh”
      • Project cost is rupees Rs. 886.594 million.
      • This project has been forwarded to the Planning Commission, GOP for approval from the Central Development Working Party (CDWP)
    • Allotment/Acquisition of Land.
      • Process for allotment of land 800 Kanals (Sudhan Gali) for Women University of AJ&K, Bagh is in progress with Forest Secretariat for issuance of NOC.
      • Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) study initiated and completed for issuance of NOC from AJK EPA/Forest Department government of AJ&K.
      • Conducted meetings with the local community and owners of land at Chatter No.1 to get consensus on the acquisition of land about 200 kanals. It is concluded that 95% owners and general public are willing to give their land for the establishment of WUAJ&K and decided to step forward with the Revenue Department for finalizing this acquisition and fixing of rates.
    • Proposals
      • Submitted proposal to the Kuwait fund for seeking financial assistance for development and infrastructure of WUAJK.
      • Estimated cost of Project proposal is Rs.4563.300 million.
      • PC-1 submitted to government of AJ&K for establishment of laboratories of worth Rs.48.876 million.
    • Trainings of Staff
      • Organized and managed two non-teachings staff training in Women University of AJ&K,
      • Bagh on management, finance, account, audit and other related disciplines.
      • Organized and managed one staff training at Margalla Hotel Islamabad, Pakistan, for staff/officers of WUAJ&K funded by the HEC.
    • Security System of WUAJ&K, Bagh
      • Installed 24 security cameras in 2 buildings.
      • Installed two walk through gates.
      • Barricaded the whole university with razor wire.
      • Security personals hired (trained army persons) from a security company.
      • Arranged student identity card & staff services cards.
      • Provided all security instruments for body and vehicle searching.
      • Resolved security related issues.
    • Laptop Scheme
      • Participated in the workshop of laptop scheme held at HEC, Islamabad.
      • Made all arrangements for registration of students in the scheme.
      • Successfully completed all registration.

List of projects in progress

Name of the project

Cost (Rs. in millions)

Project in progress

Establishment of AJK Women University, Bagh (PC-I)

886.594 million


Project proposal to the Kuwait fund

4563.300 million


PC-1 submitted to government of AJ&K for establishment of laboratories.

48.876 million


PC-I is submitted to HEC for establishing faculty of Health & Medical sciences at Rawlakot Post Graduate Girls College.

72.762 million