WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

Vice Chancellor's Message

It is our honour and pleasure to initiate the first Women University in Azad Jammu and Kashmir at Bagh. We, earnestly endeavor to cultivate talent exploration and women education to give a balance in thinking and working to our society and ultimately to our nation. The first year of our active proceedings is blissful in the sense that eight (8) programs in BS eight (8) in Masters and six (6) in M. Phil. are functional with great confidence and meritorious grounds, leading towards a world standard education level, rather excelling that with the passage of time. Women youth is marvelously active to work and expose their hidden talents with an immeasurable zeal which is very encouraging for the society today. Our acquaintance with the modern trends in the field of education will give us scientific, economic and social backup to keep pace with the world around. We believe that real uplift of women is exploration of their talent to travel with a vision in the walk of life and crystallize our aspirations for the coming generations. Our religion assures us that paradise is under the feet of mothers, then why not the world under the feet of their children? Hoping for the best: