JISSRA   2022/07/26


Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences is pleased to initiate Journal of Integrate Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA). JISSRA is an annual (double blind) peer reviewed multidisciplinary journal with copy and administrative rights to the Women University of AJ&K. The journal will provide a wide range of innovative and advance research grounds to academia, policy makers and the scholars to publish their original work including review articles, case studies, reports and book reviews. The JISSRA will follow double blind peer review policy to ensure quality and validity of scholarly knowledge produced through it’s annually publications.


The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA), Women University of AJ&K provides a valuable platform for researchers who intend to produce genuine contribution within the domain of social sciences. The priority of JISSRA, WUAJ&K is to incorporate social, political, economic, educational and policy related research ideas as well as initialization of academic debates among scholars and researchers.
The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA), Women University of AJ&K covers following interdisciplinary areas:-

  • Politics and International Relations
  • Economics and Management Sciences
  • Education, English, Modern Languages and Psychology,
  • Any other related discipline of social sciences.


JISSRA Aims and Objectives:
The Aims and Objectives of the Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA), Women University of AJ&K are:

  • To promote quality research in fresh scholars as well as academic and professional researchers.
  • To promote high moral and ethical standards in publication processes.
  • To develop a valuable bridge between academicians, researchers and the policy makers.
  • To meet contemporary standards in academic excellence through promotion of research activities. 
  • To give a single platform to diverse philosophic approaches by integrating social and administrative sciences
  • To promote women’s empowerment through academic excellence, research and innovation.

Manuscript Style:
The Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA) will accept original work of researchers in following two writing style.

  1. APA (American Psychological Association) style.

Language of Journal:              The journal will accept and publish original work in English language.
Name of Journal:                   The name of Journal is Journal of Integrated Social Sciences Research and Analysis (JISSRA)
Administrative rights:            Women University AJ&K Bagh
Publication:                            Annual
Publication Policy:                 As Per HEC Criteria



Basic Requirements:


150-200 words

Manuscripts Length:

4000-6500 words

Font size

Times New Roman 12pt

Line Spacing


Author Information

50 -60 words


 APA (American Psychological Association) style.



Page Size

7” width and 9.5” height with 1” all sides margin with 0.5 Header and Footer  .

Type of Manuscript

Soft MS Word format and Hard with above terms

Plagiarism Policy 

As per HEC guidelines

Submission  and Formatting Guidelines 

  1. The manuscripts are advised to be submitted through e-mail on official e-mail address of JISSRA Women University of AJ&K, Bagh
  2. Articles are required to be typed in MS-Word formate.
  3. Detailed introduction of authors and affiliation details including name, nationality, contact number, email and two professional references are required.
  4. Single author papers will be given preference however maximum of two co-authors in addition to principal author can be entertained by the editorial board. Co-authors must be clearly mentioned by principle author.

Editorial Review
Editorial board/desk review committee will scrutinize manuscripts for review based on relevance of subject area and may ask author to improve or rewrite manuscript if it lacks basic requirements.
Peer Review
Selected articles full filling basic criteria of the journal will be forwarded to three different reviewers for their comments and recommendations. The reviewers must send manuscript back to editorial board within given time and also clearly reject or recommend the article for publication. In case of any change (minor or major) the reviewer will clearly indicate statements/paragraphs or the problem area in the article. The publication of an article will be conditional to minimum two positive blind review reports. The ethical standard in the process of research review and publications must be followed by the concerned party.






Patron In-chief

Prof. Dr. Abdul Hameed Pirzada, Vice Chancellor Women University of AJ&K Bagh, Pakistan.

Advisory Board JISSRA, Women University AJ&K Bagh

Dr. S.M. Shahzad

Vice Chancellor, The Minhaj University Lahore, Pakistan.

download (15).jpeg

Prof. Dr. Wang Li

Professor, School of International and Public Affairs, Jilin University China, Changchun, China.


Dr. Muhammad Khan

Professor, International Relations, International Islamic University Islamabad, Pakistan.

dr khan (16).jpeg

Prof. Dr. Samina Yasmeen

Professor & Director Social Sciences/ Center for Muslim States and Societies, The University of Western Australia, Perth Australia

images (12).jpeg

Prof. Dr. Shaheen Akhter

Professor of Politics and IR, National Defence University, Islamabad.

download (16).jpeg

Prof. Dr. Christine Min Wotipka

Associate Professor (Education),
Stanford University, California, USA

christine vod (12).jpeg

Prof. Dr.  Huma Baqai

Associate Professor of Social Sciences & Liberal Arts, and former Associate Dean, Faculty of Business Administration, IBA Karachi, Pakistan.


download (17).jpeg

Dr. Muhammad Mushtaq Alvi

Incharge Dean Faculty of Arts & Social Sciences Women University of AJ&K Bagh, Pakistan.

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Executive Committee


Dr. Asia Bi Bi, Director Quality Enhancement Cell (QEC) Women University AJ&K Bagh.


Dr. Muhammad Naeem Khan, Director ORIC, Women University AJ&K Bagh.

Editorial Board


Dr. Shahid Hameed, Coordinator Department of International Relations & History, Women University AJ&K Bagh, Pakistan.


Dr. Muhammad Waqar, Coordinator Department of Economics, Women University AJ&K Bagh, Pakistan.


Dr. Muhammad Arshad Khan, Coordinator Department of English, Women University AJ&K Bagh, Pakistan.


Internal/Desk Review Committee

Dr. Muhammad Asghar

Assistant Professor of Education

Dr. Muhammad Masood Anwar

Assistant Professor of Economics

Dr. Abdul Mateen

Assistant Professor of Economics


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