WOMEN UNIVERSITY of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh

MOU signing between Women univeristy and fatima jinnah university

MOU signing between Women univeristy and SSBU Peshawar

Visit of Honourable HEC Chairman

Vice Chancellor With Faculty Members

Laptop Distribution Ceremony(26 Sep, 2016)

Progress Review Meeting of QEC WUAJK with HEC(30-31 aug, 2016)

FASTians and Women University students/faculty has organized IEEE week at FAST NUCES, Islamabad Campus

One Day Workshop on “Implementation of Quality Assurance (QA) Mechanism" November 24, 2016

About Us

Women University AJ&K Bagh has been established in 2014 by an Act (vii) of 2014 to provide the opportunities of qualitative higher education and to promote research activities in the region. The university shall be a body corporate by the name of Women University of AJ&K Bagh. It shall have perpetual succession and a common seal, and may sue and be sued by the said name. The University shall be competent to acquire and hold property, both movable, and to lease, sell or otherwise transfer any movable and immovable property which may have become vested in or been acquired by it.

The establishment of a Women University in AJ&K is a tremendous leap towards a stupendous goal of facilitating, with knowledge, skill and research the daughter of today and mother of tomorrow. 
It is, really, a mother’s lap that effects life through and through; and a learned mother is hundred times better to perform this vital role. 
The working pace of AJ&K universities despite hurdles and abstractions has been worth appreciation and we hope Women University at Bagh will show more positivity and excellence, and transparency of all activity at its premises. 
I hope the VC of the university following HEC will give it a strong foothold and two dimensions in the very beginning to cope with the world standards at present as well in the future. We, the Kashmiri’s are proud to be leader in the rate of learning throughout Pakistan and wish to progress leaps and bounds henceforth, to lead the world anytime.
May Allah be with us in setting our beacon to illuminate our homeland as well as the world around us.

It is our honour and pleasure to initiate the first Women University in Azad Jammu and Kashmir at Bagh. We, earnestly endeavor to cultivate talent exploration and women education to give a balance in thinking and working to our society and ultimately to our nation. The first year of our active proceedings is blissful in the sense that eight (8) programs in BS eight (8) in Masters and six (6) in M. Phil. are functional with great confidence and meritorious grounds, leading towards a world standard education level, rather excelling that with the passage of time. Women youth is marvelously active to work and expose their hidden talents with an immeasurable zeal which is very encouraging for the society today. Our acquaintance with the modern trends in the field of education will give us scientific, economic and social backup to keep pace with the world around. We believe that real uplift of women is exploration of their talent to travel with a vision in the walk of life and crystallize our aspirations for the coming generations. Our religion assures us that paradise is under the feet of mothers, then why not the world under the feet of their children? Hoping for the best:
To provide an environment which enables students to develop their academic,normal,physical,professional and spiritual potential.It aims to promote the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research. The cultural,political,social and economic concerns are the priorities of the university.
University is an institution to provide an environment which enables students to develop their academic, moral physical, professional and spiritual potential. It aims to promote the highest standards of academic excellence in teaching and research. The cultural, political, social and economic needs are the priority of the university.


  • Iqbal Day Function
    The university has arranged to celebrate Iqbal Day, on the topic “Bayad-e-Iqbal” (on 26th, April 2016) as a token of promoting national interests and up lauding national heroes. The functi
  • International Women's Day
    Event Date: 8 March International Women’s day celebration is a worldwide tradition to uphold the women’s struggle for their rights Women University of Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Bagh arran
  • Laptop Distribution Ceremony
    The Laptop Distribution Ceremony which was previously postponed will be held on September 26, 2016 at Women University of AJ&K Bagh. In the First Stage the Laptops will be distributed am